About us

The Lenada Company was established in 2008 in the town Baljevac, situated in the municipality of Raska, as a headquarter of commercial business for retailing fruits and vegetables on a regional level but it developed swiftly and soon became one of the biggest suppliers in fruits and vegetables from the territory of Serbia. Within the company, in addition to wholesale trade, due to specific nature of the work, there are also included retail and discount selling activities.

The management of the company has focused its development on processing of fruits, vegetables and placement of products on demanding markets of EU and Russia and therefore launched investment in acquisition and modernization of factory for fruit processing located in the city of Pirot. Owing to investments, the factory has become the most modern processing machine system in Serbia treating, primarily, cherries, plums and prunes as well as other types of fruit and vegetables. The company is led by highly educated personnel whose long lasting experience and knowledge guarantee utmost products and quality service which have enabled us to path the way towards the most demanding worldwide markets.

Along with processing and freezing activities, within the factory are also included machine systems for fruit and vegetable drying activities as well as warm processing.

The company runs its business in compliance with the world accepted standards and good production practice and therefore we may dare to say that the notion quality can be used as a synonym for the Lenada company products.


Lenada d.o.o. Company Management